Patient Testimonials

Our patients speak out on their chiropractic success with Dr. Pomeroy and Pomeroy Chiropractic Wellness!



Key Points: wellness visits, lock jaw, allergies

“My name is Jamie, I see Dr. Pomeroy weekly to keep my allergies and my lock jaw under control. My husband was seeing him for his back and I joined him for one of his adjustments. Dr. Shawn said he could tell my hips are out just by the way I was sitting. I was very hesitant to get adjusted because I had been adjusted once before and was ill for days. However his techniques were a much more gentle approach. He actually feels your spine and applies pressure to get everything back in line.

I suffer from lock jaw as well as year round allergies. I got my first adjustment and my jaw felt great, as well as relief in my back of all the pinched feelings. I had to go back in a couple days later, I could tell my jaw was out again and the pain had returned. He explained that the muscle has memory and that it is common. He adjusted me again and relief! I started going weekly and sometimes twice a week. My jaw no longer locks, and my headaches have improved substantially. I no longer take allergy medicine, I can open the windows and work in the yard longer. When we go camping I can actually go on the hikes, and to the drive inn for all 3 movies. Before my spine was aligned I was only able to do so much before the itching of the eyes, throat and body hit me and I had to shower fast and take some antihistamines and a decongestant. I used to take steroids for my allergies as well as several other antihistamines and I still had allergies. I was able to wear my contacts for about 3-4 hours before they itched too badly. Now all I take is a natural decongestant and turmeric that I get from his office. The turmeric is for the inflammation, I learned that Ibuprofen is so bad for anyone, especially on a regular basis. My lock jaw is so much better, I used to clench at night. I can manage that with a natural muscle relaxer Dr. Pomeroy sells me. I am not groggy or tired and I can even take it in the middle of the day for relief! I feel healthier than I have in years.”



Key Points: immune system, wellness care, instrument adjustment, digestive system

“I began going to see Dr. Pomeroy when his northeastern Wichita practice was still new, and I was living in that section of Wichita—now well over 10 years ago. I didn’t even realize I needed adjustments; I just responded to his offer of a free evaluation, later learning how much I needed them. Since then—as long as I have been going for adjustments—I have never had a major illness, other than occasional flare-ups of my diverticulitis. Before that time, I had had frequent colds, some infections, major concerns about my health, and didn’t feel very energized. Now I am still going once a week for maintenance, and my body feels so much better every time I leave. Any colds I have are short; I am able to exercise regularly; and I have no real complaints at the time of my annual physicals. I am now 72 years old!

When I moved to West Wichita, I continued going to Dr. Pomeroy, even though there were and adequate number of chiropractors on the west side. The service is well worth the drive. I’ve learned a lot in these 10 years about the risks of having a subluxated spine, and the benefits of having an aligned one. I’ve gone from undergoing table treatments to receiving the Korean Specific Technique, the latter being much more gentle for me but also more effective. Dr. Pomeroy has always been available when I’ve occasionally inured my back and needed a special appointment; he is unfailing polite and gracious, willing to offer a really great financial deal when Medicare would no longer pay for maintenance. Just looking around the main office and treatment room has been an ongoing education experience. I’ve seen patients when they come in, obviously in pain; seen them when they leave, looking both relieved and hopeful. I’ve been introduced to some really good, healthy supplements and exercises and have read some stunning things about the benefits of Chiropractic. And you know what? I believe them all because I have been the beneficiary of the adjustments, the education, the way of thinking in terms of health rather than disease. Plus, Dr. Pomeroy’s staff have always been eager to help and have always greeted me with a smile.

I have recommended Pomeroy Chiropractic to a number of people; in fact, I don’t hesitate to do so whenever I hear or see someone who is open to the benefits of adjustments. Who doesn’t want to feel good, to be able to use the resources of one’s own body for healing?


Mary C.

Key Points: wellness visits, arthritis, kidneys

“I was having problems with arthritis in my lower spine and my doctor told me to stop taking the arthritis pills because of the side effects to my heart. I have known Dr. Shawn for several years and had taken my husband (before he passed) to see him. I gave him a call after he was able to come back to Derby to open an office and he has done wonders for my arthritis. My kidney doctor told me that whatever Dr. S. was doing was helping with my kidney function because it was improving all the time. I have and will continue to see and tell people about the wonderful treatment that you receive from Dr. Shawn. He is very gentle and never does anything new without explaining it to you. I receive treatments every week and will continue to do so.

Thanks Dr. Shawn”



Key Points: sports, headaches, wellness visits

“Dr. Shawn has kept me working for 8 years when other MD’s could not. Never underestimate the power of an adjustment. I’ve had dislocated disks, dislocated shoulders from football, and all was healed by his hands. Not a muscle relaxer. I haven’t had any headaches since coming weekly either!! Keep up the great work Dr. Shawn.”



Key Points: back pain, wellness visits

"I have had back problems for many years and usually went to the chiropractor only when it was too painful to deal with. About a year ago, Dr. Shawn convinced me that regular weekly adjustments would be a good way to help keep my back in consistent alignment so that I could avoid those painful incidents. Although I still have times when my back "goes out", the weekly adjustments have really helped and those times are much less severe. Plus I recover more quickly. Chiropractic care has helped me and improved my life. Pomeroy Chiropractic is the best!!"



Key Points: wellness visits, children, ear infections

”My son Theron used to get sick and run a fever, with ear infections so often that his Doctor wanted to put tubes in his ears. When I took Theron to get adjusted, he was healthy at the time. About an hour later we were playing a game at home, when Theron looked up at me and said “I can hear you!” I was so happy even though I felt bad for him. He has always had a lot of liquid in his ears so sound is muffled like he is under water. Theron started seeing Dr. Pomeroy weekly. This last year he had one very mild ear infection. I am so grateful this really worked, no tubes



Key Points: newborn, children, antibiotics, sleep

“Joe is 10 ½ months old. No antibiotics. He’s always very happy during and after adjustments. When he was really small (weeks old) he would usually sleep for a long stretch after getting adjusted. He’s a really good sleeper in general. He’s very active and healthy. The worst illness he’s had is a cold and he got over that very quickly. It’s hard to know for sure if getting adjusted has helped with all of this since he’s been going since he was 10 days old, but it definitely hasn’t hurt.”



Key Points: wellness visits, children, leg and hips

“Kinsley was 2 when we noticed her right leg swung in a circular motion when she ran, and we decided to take her into Dr. Pomeroy. He is so kind and great with kids. She got adjusted and right away we could see a difference when she ran. Kinsley has been visiting weekly for a little over a year. She always wants to be the first to get adjusted when our family comes in for our adjustments and she gets adjusted like a pro. It is cute when she is finished, she jumps off the table and runs to Mikayla to get a sucker. When Kinsley gets hurt she asks to go to the doctor to get adjusted. I think she just wants Dr. Shawn to know about her boo boo and other times she will bring a stuffed animal in for him to adjust.”



Key Points: migraines, wellness visits

"How has Dr. Pomeroy changed my life? Well, when I first came to him I was suffering from crippling migraines which no medication, nor any conventional approaches alleviated. In fact, they seemed to get worse. Through regular visits, adjustments and education, I’m happy to say that I’m back to living life again, my migraines well under control. I’m able to work regular hours again."


Mary H.

Key Points: wellness visits, arthritis, scoliosis

“I was having arthritis and curvature of the spine, with no idea how to cure them. A friend gave me a “try me” name of a Chiropractor. He told me he could not cure the problem but he could help me from getting worse. I have been a patient for at least 25 years. I can tell the difference when I have to miss a visit. Yes I would tell others about Pomeroy Chiropractic. My life before chiropractic visits was lots of pain, and I had no idea how to treat it. So finding a chiropractor who could help me was great. It has kept me out of a wheel chair so far unlike my sister who is 2 years younger than me. Her body is to where she cannot stand up straight and I have encouraged her to go see a chiropractor.”



Key Points: family care, wellness visits

“As a family we’ve found that the best way for us all to stay healthy, is to have regular chiropractic adjustments. I work in the healthcare industry and see sick patients every day and try to encourage them to start seeing a chiropractor to improve their overall health. We have been blessed by Pomeroy Chiropractic beyond measure. Dr. Pomeroy is always helpful and no matter what you come in for, he treats you like you’re the only patient he has. He takes the time to listen to your needs and doesn’t rush you through your appointment. He’s the best chiropractor in the city of Wichita!”



Key Points: low back pain, sports

"The new patient video teaches you a little bit about Chiropractic and helps you understand what Pomeroy Chiropractic is all about. I have had back pain for the past 9 years. Pomeroy Chiropractic has helped take that pain away. Pomeroy Chiropractic has helped take that pain away. Pomeroy Chiropractic has a friendly atmosphere that I love. I definitely would recommend Pomeroy Chiropractic to anyone."


Lori & Kai

Key Points: mental & physical health, stress, anxiety, depression, colic, ear infections, wellness visits

"Do I get adjustments because of back or neck pain...NOPE! I get adjusted to stay mentally and physically healthy! In fact, when I get adjusted regularly (and I go weekly), I notice how it affects my mental health more than anything!!! Stress and anxiety (heck even depression at times) are something I battle with and only really start to notice symptoms of it when I am NOT getting adjusted regularly! Kai has also been getting adjusted since he was just a few days old and because of it, he never had colic as a baby, is VERY rarely sick and never gets ear infections! When he gets adjusted, I notice and improvement in his mental health as well...I call it his attitude adjustment! Thanks for being our chiropractor Dr. Shawn Pomeroy!" 



Key Points: numbness/tingling, wellness visits

"I had numbness and tingling down my arm and into my fingertips for over a year. I went to physical therapy for months no relief. I tried another local chiropractor and that also did not change my symptoms. My wife started coming to Pomeroy Chiropractic and recommended that I should give them a try. Shawn was able to locate the source of my issues and within a few visits my numbness and tingling went away. I am very thankful for all that Pomeroy Chiropractic has done for me. I almost gave up hope and was starting to believe I had a permanent issue. Thank you Shawn for all you've done!"